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GoldenHug - Hug necklace

GoldenHug - Hug necklace

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🌹Unique Gift - Not Available in Stores

Give someone you love a hug to wear around their neck.

It is a perfect symbol of eternal love for the person you love.
Upgrade the gift with a genuine preserved rose that lasts forever. Spin the rose to reveal the unique hug necklace.

Giftcard included

Here´s a hug
From me to you
To show i care
Hold me close and hold me near
A hug to show im always here

Is the giftcard available in my language?

The giftcard is available in:
English, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, German, Finnish.

If you are from any other country, a card in English will be sent.

If you are from a country that speaks one of the above languages, a card in your language will be sent.

If you wish to change your giftcard, email us after you placed your order.

Which package should i choose?

Standard package:
What is included:
*Hug necklace
*Kissify jewelry bag
*Gift card

Premium Package:
What's included:
*Hug necklace
*Premium Gift Box
*Gift card
*Kissify Jewelry Bag

360-degree Rose Box package🌹:
What's included:
*Hug necklace
*Box with a genuine preserved rose that can be spun 360 degrees
*Gift card
This package is the best seller.

A hug is a beautiful form of communication that lets your partner know you love them.

The hugging necklace symbolises passionate, beautiful and strong love.

This necklace is the best way to show your loved one how much they mean to you.


Material & Größe

Der Schmuck wird nicht verblassen, rosten oder anlaufen. Hergestellt aus verzinktem Messing.

Die Größe der Kette ist 40cm verlängerbar auf 45cm.
Die Größe des Anhängers ist 2,5 cm.


Wir werden Ihre Bestellung innerhalb von 1-3 Werktagen bearbeiten.
Wenn wir das Produkt versenden, erhalten Sie die E-Mail und die Tracking-Nummer von uns, so dass Sie immer verfolgen können, wo Ihr Paket ist.

Die durchschnittliche Lieferzeit für dieses Produkt ist 6-12 Werktage.

Alle pakete werden verfolgt und versichert!

Rückgabe- und Widerrufsbelehrung

Wir bieten ein 30-tägiges Rückgaberecht für diesen Artikel ab dem Tag, an dem Sie das Paket erhalten haben.

Um den Artikel zurückzusenden, muss er in demselben Zustand sein, in dem Sie ihn erhalten haben.


Wenn Sie Fragen haben, senden Sie uns eine E-Mail an info@kissifyjewels.com.

Der Kundensupport arbeitet von Montag bis Freitag von 8 bis 15 Uhr.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
The best pre christmas gift i ever had!

My husband gifted me this necklace for Chirstmas and I teared up instantly! Such a sweet gift. I'm very happy with my necklace!

I got a huge hug from her, and I love it!

Buy this asap!
I am not kidding, my girlfriend is a strong woman and seldom cry! But she cried with joy when she received this gift, she said this is the cutest gift she ever had! Her lovely reaction is priceless!

Sincere "thank you" received.

Gave her a hug necklace, and she was happy like a baby. Her eyes lit up, and she held onto it, you could tell it struck a chord. The hug she gave back was like a 'thank you' without words."

Such a cute reaction from her

Seeing her reaction to the hug necklace was the cutest memory we ever had. Her eyes welled up with tears of happiness, and she embraced me so tightly, as if the necklace was a tangible representation of our love. It's amazing how a small piece of jewelry can bring so much joy and connection. I will highly recommand everyone buy one for your lover!

Her hug made my day.

I took a chance on the hug necklace (she is a cool woman, i am not sure she like it or not), BUT her reaction was insane. She pulled me in for a heartfelt hug. Buying a necklace is a small thing, but it is such a big moment for our relationship.

She said this is the cutest anniversary gift for her.

I gifted her the hug necklace on our anniversary, and the look of astonishment on her face was unforgettable. She couldn't believe the thoughtful symbolism behind it. She held onto the necklace and then hugged me tightly, whispering 'I love it' in my ear, made every moment of planning and anticipation entirely worth it.

Her reaction was adorable.

I bought this hug necklace two weeks ago, and damn, it paid off big time! Her eyes went wide when she saw it, and that big grin? Priceless. She practically tackled me with the tightest hug ever. Who knew a little necklace could make such a splash? Best surprise move I've ever pulled."